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The National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) is the country's largest and oldest association of Catering Professionals and Event Professionals. Producing a catered event encompasses more than simply knowing how to prepare and serve food or select the color of the linens. There are many considerations NACE professionals take into account for a client. Some examples include artistic vision, flavor profiles, themes, entertainment, logistics, colors, décor and even lighting. NACE members are true professionals. They have the know how and resources to wield creative magic and logistics to produce an event that satisfies each client's individual vision.

 NACE sanctions the professional certification, Certified Professional Catering Executive (CPCE).  This certification ensures that the caterer is working under proven professional standards. These standards include event set-up, floor plans, food presentation, food quality, event timelines, vendor communication, food safety, allergenic and special dietary concerns, proper serving techniques, décor selection, business ethics and more. To achieve CPCE status an individual must complete a national course designed to test the knowledge and experience of the professional caterer. Additionally, the course requires the caterer to participate in educational seminars, training classes and participate in industry workshops. As a result the NACE member evolves into a professional equipped with the tools and experience to serve clients at a very high level.

The NACE membership also encompasses Event Professionals whom are the crafts people that work in conjunction with the caterer to produce an event.  An Event Professional can be florists, entertainers, decorators, photographers, linen companies, party planners, wedding coordinators, lighting designers and all other trades needed to enhance the event experience. NACE Event Professionals are committed to excellence to maintain the highest standards NACE catering executives expect. Pairing a NACE Event Professional with your NACE catering company or venue ensures a properly produced event. These trades work with catering executives like a well engineered machine and the final results will prove it.

The Orlando Chapter of NACE meets monthly and produces events to showcase the newest trends in event production and catering. The meetings contain educational content, product showcases and workshops. These meetings are full scale catered events that keep NACE members ahead of the trends and ready to produce your perfect event.

The Orlando Chapter of NACE welcomes you to search our member directory and encourages you to contact our professional catering companies, event venues or event professionals. They welcome your calls and emails to discuss your future event. If you would like to attend one of our monthly meetings feel free to register as a guest.

Regardless of what type of function you are planning The Orlando Chapter of NACE is the perfect place to begin searching for your team.

Happy Event Planning - The Orlando Chapter of NACE Board of Directors